Course Manager

Are you a Boarding School Housemaster/Housemistress/Deputy Head or similar? We are looking for someone who enthusiastic, charismatic, enjoys the company of young people, likes sport, is willing to enter into the spirit of a fun and active residential Course – and is also organised and a leader.

In General

The Course Manager is responsible for the day-to-day running of the Course in a similar way to a Head Teacher/Housemaster/mistress running a School/House.


The post is resident with accommodation provided in the school. Generally, single accommodation only is available. Accommodation is provided at no charge, as are all meals.


Duties involve overseeing the academic, social and domestic well-being of the children and organising the staff in such a way that the Course runs efficiently and in a friendly and co-operative atmosphere.

The Course Manager will also have discussions with the Director of Studies and Senior Teacher who place students in graded teaching groups, advises staff,inspects classes and advises on teaching methods. Familiarity with boarding education and pastoral care is essential.

The Course Manager is assisted by an Assistant Course Manager.

A regular sports and social programme is agreed with the Senior Sports/Social Organiser with staff assistance on a rota basis. Venues for excursions, the grouping of students on excursions and the rota for accompanying staff will be the responsibility of the Course Manager. The various sporting and social events are mentioned in the brochure. In addition, visits to the theatre, cinema and additional excursions are arranged for those students wishing to go. Arrangements have also to be made for the Catholics who must attend Mass. The Course Manager attends Sports Day.

The Course Manager keeps petty cash and authorises and records its use by staff. The Course Manager operates students' pocket money.

The Course Manager will be the parents' point of contact with the School. Parents are invited to find out about their children's progress, so a check must be kept on how each student is performing.

With the Course's established tradition of good behaviour and the implementation of standard practices set out in the 'Notes for Staff', there should not be many problems of a disciplinary nature. The tradition needs to be re-established each year, however. Problems that do arise are dealt with by the Course Manager in the first place, but may be referred to the Director if this is appropriate. In any case, the Director needs to be kept informed of all developments on the Course. Students and their parents are given clear, written 'rules' before the start of the Course so they know just what is expected of them. The domestic side of the Course is handled by Matron who deals with laundry and linen changing as well as medical matters. The cleaners answer to Matron in the first place. On Matron's days off, the Course Manager or Assistant Course Manager provide cover.

Progress reports on each student are written (in multiple-choice format) by the teaching staff after the first ten days and, at the end, they write an academic report. The Course Manager writes a report on each student's general progress and social behaviour.

Dates, Duration and Pay

The post is from 10 July to 7 August. The duration of the appointment is from the morning of the day before the students arrive until, if all is well, the evening of 7 August. There are two full 'days off' when the Assistant Course Manager (ACM) assumes responsibility. The ACM will stand in for the Course Manager on other occasions by arrangement.

Pay is negotiable for a candidate with proven CM skills and experience. Payment is by bank transfer at the end of the Course. On request, the Course Manager can be paid a 25% advance by cheque at the end of the first week, to be deducted from the final balance. As employment is temporary, if you affirm that the following is correct - 'this is my first job IN THE UK since 6 April 2021 and I have not been receiving taxable Jobseeker's Allowance, Employment and Support Allowance, taxable Incapacity Benefit, State or Occupational Pension', we are not required to deduct PAYE from staff at source. NI is deducted at the prevailing rate.

The next step

If you wish to take your application further, do not use the application form. We shall require a letter of application, a description of how you see the post, your CV,a recent photograph and the names and e-mail addresses of two UK-based referees. If we wish to take your application further, we shall contact your referees. As is standard procedure for British Council accredited schools, referees are asked specifically if there is any impediment to a prospective staff member being employed in a situation where there is responsibility for and substantial access to children; standard DfEE and Police checks are made; proof of qualifications is requested – as is an explanation for any gaps in CVs. When you have read the 'Notes for Staff 2021' which describes the post in more detail, we shall invite you here for interview or arrange an interview via skype. We pay your rail fare at the 'saver' day-return rate. If appointed, there is a standard Contract of Employment and your acceptance of the contents of this information sheet and the 'Notes' are part of it.

The EU Working Hours Regulations 1998 Opt-Out Agreement

As this is a boarding school and hours are irregular, all staff are asked to sign this document. It is also in the Contract.


The Course Manager holds a most responsible position, ensuring that the reputation of the Course is maintained and that the Governors of The Mary Hare School are satisfied that the Course is properly run. At our suggestion, the appointment of a Course Manager must be approved by the Head and Governors before it can be confirmed.

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