Sports programme (included in the Fee)

  • We divide youngsters into four teams. We call the teams 'Houses'. The 'Houses' compete in organised social and sport activities.
  • Participating in sports is not obligatory. Non-participants may watch or be with friends.
  • A competitive 'Sports League' runs through the Course.
  • A Sports/Social team (ex-students generally former UK Reps and those with native fluency in English) arranges a regular Programme.
  • The programme includes: team sports such as football, basketball, volleyball and baseball; individual activities like tennis, table-tennis, swimming (in an enclosed, heated pool); non-sports like dance choreography, community music and singing,
  • There is a 'Sports Day' at the end of the Course with various performance activities such as dancing and singing.

We aim to develop young people's talents. Our Senior Sports/Social Organiser has a team of assistants who have been students and so know what works. With the 'House' system, we aim to create friendly competition.

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