Your Investment

How we are part of your investment in your child's development.

'The investment that can never lose its value' - (A parent from Norway)

Vacational Studies was founded in 1973 by Ian Mucklejohn who still runs the company as Managing Director.  Paddy Douglass is also a Director appointed in 2023.

We ask you to pay the Fees and to lose the pleasure of your child's company for some weeks, so...

Here's what we do that's special to ensure that your child has the best time of their life and how what we do is an investment in your child's development:

  • Optional positions of responsibility at all ages to develop character
  • Hands-on video-creation
  • Teaching programme that appeals to different ages
  • Fully residential in a safe countryside campus
  • New students accepted only with a letter of recommendation from their teacher
  • Students are supervised, cared for and given the freedom to develop (see 'Notes for Parents')
  • Escorted arrival and departure free-of-charge*
  • International with UK students (no groups arranged by 'agents' or with 'group leaders')
  • Non-stop sports/social programme mainly delivered by ex-students
  • Varied optional excursion and theatre programme
  • 52 years' experience with same Director
  • Many 'second generation' students
  • British Council Accredited
  • Hundreds of parents happy to talk about us - References here.

Absolutely not like going back to school

We are a Course to develop young people. We do this through learning English; living as part of an international community; using traditional UK boarding school values and way of life.

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Ask parents who have sent their children to us - listed here.

(* For flights arriving LHR 13.07.25 12.00-16.00 and leaving LHR 09.08.25 10.00-13.00)

Accredited by the British Council
Offers Trinity
Accredited by English UK