Why choose us?

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  • Totally international experience with UK students - no 'groups'.
  • Long enough to make firm international friendships
  • Personal development with optional positions of responsibility at all ages
  • Fully residential in a safe countryside campus with many facilities
  • Hands-on video-creation
  • Teaching programme that appeals to different ages
  • Escorted arrival and departure free-of-charge (on 11 July and 7 August - for times see here)
  • Non-stop sports/social programme delivered by ex-students
  • Huge optional excursion and theatre programme
  • 48 years' experience with same Director
  • British Council Accredited
  • Absolutely not like going back to school

'The investment that can never lose its value'. Read here what last year's parents and students say about us. And see here what I say about us.